Single-coil Soapbar

Copper foil shielding. Used by the best builders to shield control cavities, this added level of EMI protection surrounds each pickup and helps to eliminate buzz in even the toughest of rooms.


"TFD" stands for "The Fat Dudes".  Honey Badger's Custom TFD Pickups add a serious dose of muscular manliness to the common single-coil design. Not for the timid or fans of Tiny Tim.   

Best Style Use:

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • R&B
  • Modern and Indie Rock

Unless otherwise selected, standard string spacing is as below:

  • 4-string: .75"
  • 5-string: 19mm
  • 6-string: 18mm

Please note that non-standard string spacing orders are custom made to the selected option values. Because of this, we cannot accommodate spec modifications or cancellations on items with non-standard string spacing more than 24 hours after order is placed.

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